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Crayon is a Microsoft Partner that helps enterprises all over the world harness the power of digital transformation through artificial intelligence (AI), licensing, and asset management.

A global software expert, Crayon, draws from this rich heritage to help enterprises around the world navigate the complexity of their local, regional, and global IT estates to maximize their value.


Capitalizing on emerging technologies

Crayon’s software expertise enables it to serve as digital transformation partners to their clients. For example, seeing the great potential of the cloud, it built service offerings designed to guide clients end-to-end through making use of the cloud. It established an Intelligent Cloud offering that combines Crayon’s expertise in licensing, the cloud, and managed services to simplify clients’ cloud use.

Similarly, Crayon saw AI as another transformational technology for clients. Four years ago, the company charted a course to become a leader in this new territory. Crayon and its leadership quickly realized that it needed to differentiate if it was to become an AI powerhouse. The first step to doing so was to ramp up in-house AI capabilities.



Microsoft Crayon
Sunday to Wednesday
December 23 to 26, 2022
467 Davidson ave
Los Angeles CA 95716